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IACT Certifed Master Trainer, April Norris, CMT
Asheville, North Carolina / Miami Beach, Florida

Fern Tausig

"Healing is a fusion of science and imagination." —April Norris

April is a certified Hypnosis, Reiki and Neuro-linguistic programming Instructor that has developed an entirely new way of training the mind that focuses on Sensory stimulation, anchoring and precision communication with the Subconscious mind. In addition to the superior IACT hypnosis certification training protocol and requirements, April's programs integrate mental, emotional, sensory and energetic principles to create a FUN and unique way to educate and empower her students.

April's philosophy of healing integrates mental, emotional, sensory and energetic principles into a customized framework to meet your specific healing needs. I am passionate about leading workshops that teach you how to apply the Hyp philosophy to your life and help you get unstuck by getting to the root cause of your problems.

Mission Statement

I am here to help people get free – to live purposefully, to heal, to play, to indulge and to create the life that works for them. I am here to empower paradigm shifters and visionaries. I believe people can become aware of and follow their unique healing paths for extraordinary results.

More qualifications:

  • B.A. in Psychology University of Louisville, KY
  • Board Certified Member, National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification
  • Member, National Federation of Hypnotists
  • Trained with Gerald Kein, Omni Hypnosis Training Center
  • IACT Master Trainer Certification with George Bien
  • Trained in Advanced Healing Training with Steven Parkhill, Author of 'Answer Cancer'
  • Master Usui-Tibetan Reiki Instructor
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer
  • Licensed Minister, World Congressional Fellowship Church
  • Certified Pastoral Counselor, Florida Religious Studies Institute
  • Landmark Education's Team Management and Leadership Program, communication mastery

Hypnosis Certification Testimonial





Just some of the numerous testimonials about April:

"April, thank you, thank you. Our session provided so much: First, a safe, loving space to do the work. Your clarity and sense of healing purpose allowed me to let go, to be vulnerable. Because of this space and the emphasis on working with my emotions, I experienced what you called an emotional cleansing What occurs as miraculous is the mental clarity that has followed. I was attempting to cleanse my thoughts and completely overlooked the emotional side. Second was the reawakening and shifting energy which in combination (the alchemy) led to the relief from my health concerns.

In addition, I “got” from the emotional work that the four year-old child in me felt neglected (I don’t matter) and I have furthered the neglect by subconsciously leaving her in that thought pattern. It made me conscious of the areas of my life that I simply neglect. I am committing to a balanced, vibrant, joy filled, purposeful, vitality in all aspects of life.

I thank you for bringing your gift to world. You are on my star recommendation list. Talk to you soon. Thanks for sending your address and fee….the work was priceless!" —Julie W

"April is a breath of fresh air when your world is stifling. Knowing the devil is in the details, April introduces small steps to finding a place for all things. Allowing yourself to let go of issues we have no control over while taking charge of the situations in our lives were we have the power of control, we become stronger, more capable, and more loving beings. April takes an objective yet personable approach with each client. She respects boundaries and is a very patient, calming guide. April lives her beliefs; she is a rare gem." —Susanne

"Thank you for the session. I feel much better. Life is full of possibility again.

When I started working with April, I wasn’t sure what to expect I really did not need this work was my thought, but I was wrong. I have received a clarity and a self acceptance like never before as a result of the work I have done with April. It was always easy and relaxing to be in her presence. I highly recommend her." —Christian

I’m feeling like a Champ this morning April!! great healing session last night! a lot of blockage was released & the shoulder & neck pain is also gone! you are a being of love & light, gifted in so many ways. In grattitude I stand! —Susy

"I never knew healing could be fun. This has been an incredible journey of self discovery and realization. I feel like I’ve embarked on an exciting adventure where lve reclaimed my life and can do anything I put my mind to. To say I’m grateful is a great understatement." —Erin

"After making the biggest move of my life from Connecticut to South Florida I was bombarded with so many emotions. Happiness & Excitement was definitely present but fear & confusion also clouded my thoughts.

Reaching out to April & her expertise in energy cleasing was just the what I needed to help clear away the ‘negative stuff’! She was recommended highly by very satisfied friends & clients who also vouch for her unique techniques to help spritiual & personal growth.

Being in a new environment has been a challege for me, but working with April has helped me realize that my personal strength & the Grace of God will be with me for a lifetime! Grateful for your presence in my Journey! Thank you April!" —Shivanie

"April counseled me at a trying time in my life, and the results have been astounding. She is easy to trust and provides a safe, comforting space as well as educates. We have gotten to the root of many limiting beliefs, which are now cleared for good. I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gained, and the work I have done with April. I highly recommend her services to everyone. —Tara

Hey April, thanks for an amazing session today. I have been in a great space ever since, feeling very calm and centered and accepting I stopped into the center after I left you and it was great to be back in the environment. I’m excited to be creating from this integrated space and knowing that I have so many loving souls supporting me on my journey. I can still feel the babies around me smiling with love and gladness that I have let the burden go :)" —Rachel

"Both of the sessions I had with April were surprising in their content and intensity and greatly impactful on my life. April’s calm, loving manner provided a safe space for me to look at aspects of myself that I had hidden away and was afraid of facing. Working with April has lead to me giving up smoking cigarettes, having the courage to start a relationship with an amazing man, and to trust myself as someone who is powerful and capable of being a successful health and life coach." —Karen

"Working with April has been a very healing and enlightening experience. It has helped me uncover experiences from my past that were affecting my life in unexpected ways. In the few sessions that I have had with April, she helped me navigate through some major transitions." —Alexa

Hypnosis Training leading to professional IACT certification:

Dates of the next basic hypnosis classes are July 21-22
in Jupiter FL, and July 28-29 in Miami, FL

Sage Lifestyles‎
211 NE 98 St.
Miami Shores, Fl 33138

Website: http://www.april-norris.com
Email: April Norris
Blog: http://hypnoziquetraining.com/blog/

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