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IACT Certifed Master Trainer, Dr. Eric G. Schneider
New York City

IACT Certified Master Trainer, Dr. Eric Schneider

Hypnosis is a tool just like a hammer - what really matters is whose hand it's in!
...and that is what makes Dr. Eric so unique.

A graduate of the prestigious Harvard Mind-Body Institute, and Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer, Dr. Eric Schneider brings the latest in neuro-science and research into his work.

Sheng-Han Kuo, M.D., Neurologist, Columbia University Medical Center, NY, says the this about Eric": "Dr. Eric is one of the most innovative clinicians I know. He gets to the core of an issue very quickly and helps people in a non-jugemental way. He is very gentle and caring for his clients as he incorporates state of the art knowledge in neuro-science into his practice and draws from many different disciplines to ensure his clients receive the highest quality of care. He is an amazing guy."

Since 1987 Dr. Eric has been helping his clients reach their goals! Possessing a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly, he is able to offer his clients an efficient path and process to resolve their issues and attain their goals. Instead of using a particular "method" of hypnosis, he tailors his approach to his clients. He has been in Private Practice since 1987, and combines his gifts of spiritual counseling with hypnosis.

Here is what some of his clients say:

"Oh Eric...you are my lifesaver with your pragmatic, precise, supportive, wise words--and that's not EVEN touching the hypnosis part. I cannot thank you enough for how you've been helping me."
—Joan Allen, Actor, New York City

"You opened up my world for me. I found myself emotionally dead and did not know which way to turn and what to do with my life....That all changed after a short time with you, you are so kind and so very understanding. I wake up each morning now with a song in my heart."
—Joyce Van Patten, Actor, New York

"As a health care professional, I evaluate with extreme care those to whom I entrust my own care. Eric is 'the real deal' and I would refer family and patients to him with comfort and trust."
—Richard Patt, M. D., Bucks County, Pa.

"Dr. Eric has a gift for creating and holding a safe space, while swiftly going to the heart of the matter. Our work together has helped me to transform old stuck patterns that no longer serve me. I would highly recommend him!"
—Jacqui von Voss, Licensed Acupuncturist, Centreville, MD

"For 4 years, I struggled with anxiety and panic about my oral board exam. As a result of our surprisingly short work, I was able to not only take the test with confidence I actually enjoyed the test taking process. Thank you so much for your help and support."
—David Gurley, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, Suny Downstate Medical Center

"Clarity about myself and my relationships, has been the most powerful and transforming aspect of working with Eric for me. You don't sit around complaining or mulling endlessly about the past with Eric--you really work on the issues at hand, and thus take action to change your life for the better. He's the best!"
—Jean Godfrey-June, Beauty Editor, Lucky Magazine and Author of "Free Gift with purchase"

Teaching positions held vy Dr. Eric:
Pacific School of Oriental Medicine, Faculty; clinical counseling and communication (current)
OneSpirit Seminary & Learning Alliance; Board of Advisors and lecturer on East Asian philosophy and psychology as well as Taoist arts and sciences
New York University School of Health and Sciences; practitioner/patient relationships and communication (past)

Workshops Given:
Florida Mental Health Association: Dealing with the chronically and persistently mentally ill
Michigan Association for Mental Health: Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Korean Association for mental health: Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Groups
Japan Group Therapy Association: Systems Centered Group Therapy
Panelist Donna Karan's Urban Zen Initiative

Grief and Loss: From Emptiness to Spaciousness
What the Heck is Spiritual Counseling

How to get out of a bad relationship with out feeling like a jerk, a looser, or a failure (soon to be released)
“The 4 Critical things you need to know in order to make it through this financial crisis”

"A Good Night's Sleep"
Academic Excellence"

Harvard Mind-Body Institute
Doctorate In Ministry; Interfaith Pastoral & Spiritual Counseling, I.I.M.A.
Masters Degree: Pastoral Counseling A.T.S
Bachelors in Theology A.T.S.
Ordained Interfaith Minister New Seminary, New York
Diploma in Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis Motivation Institute
Diploma in Handwriting analysis
Practioner of Taoist Arts and Sciences, past 35 years

Dr. E has trained in and taught, and has accumulated over 7000 hours of clinical training, 1000 of which is in Hypnosis. (Did you know that you can be certified with only 100 hours???) Certification means very little - what means more is where that education comes from and the experience of the practioner. Founder and Director of Best Life Hypnosis, Dr. Eric has personally accumulated over 20,000 client hours.

Other Modalities studied:
New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy (studied with Fellows and members) - 1000 hours
Systems Centered Approach to individuals, couples and groups. since 1995 with the founder Yvonne Agazarian, Ed.D -too many hours to count, Advanced training, completion of Authority issue group
Solution Focused Approach with founder Insoo Kim Berg, L.C.S.W.
Various other forms of hypnosis techniques - 300 hours

Post Doctoral Studies:
Harvard Mind-Body Institute
New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy (studied with Fellows and members) - 1000 hours
Systems Centered Approach since 1995 with the founder Yvonne Agazarian, Ed.D. - too many hours to count, Advanced training, completion of Authority Issue group
Solution Focused Approach with founder Insoo Kim Berg, L.C.S.W.
Various other forms of hypnosis techniques - 300 hours

Professional Affiliations, Fellowships Memberships and Certifications:
American Association of Integrative Medicine Board Certified Member
Harvard Post Graduate Association
International Association of Therapists and Counselors: Board Certified Member & Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer
International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association: Certified Member
Board Certified in Emotional and Spiritual Wellness American College of wellness
Fellow of the American College of Wellness
Member of the American Hypnosis Association
Member of Systems Centered Therapy Institute
Member of International Federation of Coaches
Member of the International Association of Coaches
IACT Certified Master Trainer

Dr. Eric’s work focuses on:
Grief and loss
Bad Habits
Recurring Negative Thoughts
Dating and relationship issues
Unfinished emotional issues From the Past

Dr. Eric works with clients who are currently working with psychologists, psychiatrists as well as medical doctors and we will be happy to work with yours.

Hypnosis is not right for everyone or for everything. To find out if this powerful modality is right for you, please call us and schedule your free, no obligation, phone 20 minute phone consultation: 866-773-7399

Fax: 941-235-9622

Website: www.bestlifehypnosis.com

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