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IACT Certifed Master Trainer, Jason Jackman, CMT
Surrey, England

Jason Jackman

Since as far back as he can remember Jason has spent this life researching what makes people ‘tick’. Why do we do what we do? Why do some people have lives of what appears to be effortless success...whilst many others seem to struggle with any number of challenges?

This has led him into the world of psychology, therapy, energy and personal development.

During a successful career as an entrepreneur he spent a lot of time travelling the world attending seminars and trainings held by world experts in such fields as sales, marketing, personal success and achievement, spiritual power, psychology and personal transformation tools.

Personal disaster (which was ultimately the greatest blessing) resulted in business and professional ‘failure’ in late 2005 and a shift in direction.

Training under some of the ‘greats’ of hypnosis and personal transformation, including Dick Sutphen, Dr George Bien, Martin Hulbaek, Jason began to help clients on a more formal basis. Instantly seeing incredible life-changing results Jason now runs one to one and group sessions specialising in the fields of self-confidence and self esteem for women, success consulting &, healing.

Jason continues to work with clients from a varied background – from world renowned life coaches, business owners, to other therapists, housewives and students.

Based in Surrey, Jason can be contacted on 01276 683043 (office). You can visit Jason at his offices, although home and company office visits can be arranged in certain circumstances. 

Jason’s Rapid Self Confidence System (TM) is just about to be launched this summer 2010, as is his new book, The Rapid Self Guru (c).

Jason is a certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis CMT by the IACT (International Association of Counsellors & Therapists) also in Hypnotherapy and NLP, and has previously been certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the Performance Institute of NLP, and has had training in EFT and Journeywork.

In his words . . .

As a fully certified professional therapist & Master Trainer of Hypnosis CMT, you can quickly benefit from my expertise in the field of personal, emotional and spiritual change. With a natural and intuitive ability to identify and get to the core of clients challenges, we can quickly break old self-defeating blocks, habits, problems, fears and stresses to help you create the life that you want...and more importantly a life which works for you. We can also use consciousness calibration techniques to distinguish truth from falsehood.

 So what can we work on?

  • Creating Rapid Self Confidence & Self Esteem for a happier life experience (job & career, relationships, public speaking, sports, body image issues etc)
  • Identifying and forever eliminating emotional blocks, pain and challenges – leaving the past behind for a brighter future
  • Past Lives exploration and therapy to discover your karma, soul mates and raise your level of awareness.
  • Breaking old destructive habits (overeating, addictions, nail biting etc) and replacing them with healthier options
  • Personal Success Transformation and Coaching– want to create the results you’ve always dreamed of? Then I have proven method of doing this...using the spiritual laws of the universe
  • Destroying fears and phobias like fear of flying, death (pretty common!)
  • Attracting your soul mate, wealth, new job, health – all these can be successfully worked on, and many, many, more!

Using advanced strategies and therapeutic tools, rapid change can be made by anyone who feels they are not where they want to be, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually. To get an idea of the results possible, please take a look at a sample of some of my clients feedback and testimonials. (Please note individual results can vary although significant progress is often made within a very short period of time).

Jason Intro


Visit Jason's website for the "FREE" gifts mentioned in the video!

Website: http://www.jasonjackman.com/
Email: Jason Jackman

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