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IACT Certifed Master Trainer,
Jay Cataldo
Jay Cataldo

New York City life coach Jay Cataldo is a model for living life with passion and purpose. A highly sought after performance coach, Jay enables clients to reach past their doubt and fears, and create the lives they truly desire.

The busy CEO of Relate Right Inc. specializes in facilitating quick and permanent changes for his clientele. Jay is an IACT certified Master Hypnosis Trainer whose coaching style is built around his 14 years of experience in personal development. He utilizes a variety of proven therapeutic modalites (such as NLP, EFT, Focusing and Hypnosis) to assist his clients as they explode through their barriers and design the lifestyles they were meant to live.

Jay isn’t the everyday life coach. He addresses challenges at full speed, from all angles. His no nonsense, holistic approach aligns diet, lifestyle, goals and mindset to ensure powerful transformations and lasting successes.

Jay’s passion for life comes from his own health challenges. At 19 years of age, Jay was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. While it proved to be a challenging experience, it taught him the necessity of keeping a positive mindset and always pushing forward, despite the obstacles in your path. After conquering cancer, Jay realized that his life’s purpose revolves around helping others conquer their own obstacles to health, wealth and happiness.

In addition, Jay is often referred to as a ‘Relationship Ninja.’ He’s helped hundreds of guys all over the world win back their exes and authored a highly acclaimed book on the topic, “Get Your Girl Back.”

However, this Relationship Ninja wasn’t always relationship savvy. Unsuccessful with the ladies at a young age, Jay was determined to learn everything he could about women and what they wanted from the opposite sex. Eventually, Jay stumbled upon the secrets to creating and sustaining intense levels of romantic attraction and went on to create his “Ultimate Relationship Coaching Program” which teaches women how to enjoy a lifetime of love, passion and romance. He continues to coach men and women to healthy, loving relationships today.

As the #1 coach on Twitter, Jay is best known for his expert dating and relationship advice. However, he also coaches clients in many other areas including stress relief, procrastination issues, building self confidence, overcoming social anxiety, pushing past creative stumbling blocks and more.

Jay is an IACT Certified Master Trainer. He is incredibly passionate about his work and strives to provide outstanding client support, frequent follow-up and affordable pricing so that everyone can benefit from his extensive experience helping people just like yourself. While Jay has an office in Manhattan, he works with clients all over the world via phone and webcam.

Jay Cataldo, C.M.T.
304 Park Ave S,
New York, NY 10010
Phone: (800) 617-6186

Website: http://www.jaycataldo.com/

Email: Jay Cataldo
Twitter: http://twitter.com/jaycataldo
Facebook: http://facebook.com/jaycataldo


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