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IACT Certifed Master Trainer, Martin Hulbaek, MHt, CMT

IACT Certified Master Trainer, Martin Hulbaek

Martin Hulbaek is an IACT Certified Master Trainer, which goes beyond the regular Hypnotherapist instructor title. The Certified Master Trainer title is an IACT Advanced training program, that takes the training and teachings to an even higher level.

Martin’s mentor George Bien, who made the Train the Trainer curriculum for IACT, wrote the following to Martin after he finished the training: "Martin, your radiant energy, fabulous insight, great class contributions, and engaging sense of humor, helped make the seminar a huge success! Thanks so much." –Dr. George Bien, Director, IACT Master Trainer Program

Besides the IACT training Martin is a Master Hypnotist, and has done a lot of past life regression work. He has been certified by Dick Sutphen and Dr. Michael Newton and many others.

He has trained people in advanced past life regression therapy for the last 6 years, and Soul Key Therapy™.

Soul Key Therapy is a unique method that goes beyond past life regression and even Newtons Life between life, and is acclaimed to be the most powerfull method in soulwork with clients.

Martin's background includes:
* Works as an expert on www.everythingunconscious.com
* International spiritual teacher (mediumship & phychic work)
* International hypnosis teacher (Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, HyDen, & Soul Key Therapy)
* Mindfulness Instructor
* Certified in Acupuncture 2000
* International Sitha healing Instructor
* Developer of SoulKey Therapy (Advanced past life regression & life between life therapy)
* Developer of HyDen (Hypnosistraining for dentists
* Graduated form The English School of mediumship
* Certified in IACT - IHF - NGH - IARRT
* Attending a 2½ year classic chineese acupuncture school at the Senius Institute in Denmark

All around the world, Martin works together with two more fantastic Master Trainers, with their international company, Master trainers International - Steve Roehm (USA) and Alex Krawtschenko (Canada).

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2012 GRATIS meditation DHA


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